Friday, January 11, 2013

Week one

I created this blog to document my life transition, to inspire and be inspired. This is week one of the new me as a runner. I have always loathed running while admiring the life of a devoted runner. In the past I have been a Kettlebell enthusiast and still prefer it for strength, endurance and cardio. I plan on using my bells for my workouts on strength days. I know this additional training will propel me into the world of running (the cardio you get from it is incredible). I will be following Skogg System as guidance for workouts.

My childhood friend and now sister-in-law (we married twins in order to get past our constant quarreling over the same taste in boys) told me she signed up for a half marathon on her birthday this year. Being that birthdays are of great importance to her, I told myself that I didn’t have any other option but to sign up too. It IS her birthday after all and that’s what she wants to do, so let’s do it! 13.1 miles. OKAY, now I’m scared. I have not loyally followed a fitness routine in roughly 2.5 years (a few months before getting pregnant with Nola). While I am struggling to run at a comfortable pace for more than 2 minutes, I keep in mind all of the amazing and admirable women’s runner-mother blogs I have unearthed and I am inspired to keep going. I look down at my sweet baby girl humming away in our (awesome) stroller and I am inspired. It’s not too bad that we are in the desert for winter and the weather is prime for this transition (I’m still scared).

I have completed 5 of my 11 mile goal this week so far and feel pretty good. Although I quickly learned that I must be flexible in my training regimen when Nola came down with a fever and peculiar rash. It is a bit of a game changer since we have to drive 2 hours west to San Diego (where we dream of living) to visit our doctor. Naturally, we made a day of it when we woke up Wednesday morning to a rash and fever free-happy baby. Nonetheless, one of my Kettlebell workouts had to be cut out this week. And that’s alright; I won’t beat myself up about it. We got to breathe in the sea air, let our dog, Kona charge through the ocean water and Nola giggle away at the tiny bits of sand pouring through her little fingers. It was a good “sick” day. Next time we will bring our running shoes!


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  1. Keep it up Traci! Im soooooooo proud of you!!! I know you will do it!