Wednesday, February 27, 2013

San Diego Love

Yesterday's Run:7 miles

This is where I imagined I was during my run. And where I am hoping my runs will be this weekend... The energy from everyone playing near the beach and bay are so easily absorbed it makes running so much more enlightening.
Being from Portland and an owner of a coffee shop, I am a bit obsessed with coffee shops... So I've got to share the awesome decor of this newly discovered shop.

While my longest run has been 7 miles, I am obsessed with looking at my total mileage for the week. I also have begun to carry a huge guilt if I take 2 days off in a row. Then I look at my mileage for the week and I make it up there and feel relief.  I've told myself I will not run any less than 4 miles from this point on... preferably 5. It shocking to see on record how much I am running and that I actually love it! I've also discovered music is more important than I thought. While I am zoning out and focused on my breathing, the soundtrack to my run is crucial. While war battle music is great every now and then, I have shifted on to thriving on zen out music. What's on your playlist? 17 days until my first 10k (and my birthday)!



Friday, February 8, 2013

Run+Juice & San Diego!

Run: 4.5 miles

Four years is how long I patiently waited for my Breville juicer. FOUR LONG YEARS. It has become our family ritual to juice every morning for many reasons solely based on knowing the health benefits are immeasurable. Chad (my husband) is like a toddler in the sense of eating his vegetables. His meals are more frequently than not, of the brown palate. So I like to squeeze in as many as I can in his a.m. juice that he chokes down. When it comes to our actual toddler, Nola's favorite part of the morning is snagging her fresh pressed vegetable nectar. Sounds good worded like that eh? And there's nothing more rewarding than the silly red or green stained smile on her precious face.
Here is this morning's kicker: We all got about 4-8 ounces
5 carrots
1 apple
large bunch of purple and green kale
3 tiny beets
1 handful spinach
1" fresh ginger
Love the froth on top! Yum

I never did find that fresh turmeric last time we were in San Diego... Any ideas?

Off to San Diego for the weekend! Chad is running the Tough Mudder in Temecula...sure would be awesome if he had one of those gopro cameras to virtually run it with him. Even so, Nola and I are going to savor our running on the beach this weekend and sipping a little hot delight from our favorite coffee roaster in Bird Rock.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Running buddies

Run: 5.25 Miles

Here's my littlest running buddy being blinded by the ever so unforgiving desert sun.
Fortunately, winter is prime as far as weather out here (if you can stand the smell). We're talking the complete opposite of the weather in Oregon where I grew up. In Oregon you wait and wait and wait and wait for summer, and then it shows its unrivaled beauty in July. Out here in the SoCal desert, it's like a sucker punch in March and holds you down for the count until December. Training for my first half Marathon in May will be a challenge through April. Luckily, we have an escape route to San Diego if need be.

My new found partner in crime are my Mizuno Waver Rider 15 shoes. First real running shoes and they're UHMAZING! Not to mention super cool looking.