Monday, March 25, 2013

My Best Workout Accessory

My wristband.

I bought it at American Apparel where you can always rely on the perpetuation of 80s gear. My wristband has a wonderful multiuse purpose: guarding my wrists from kettlebell smack, wiping the sweat from my brow, the snot from my nose, the food from Nola's face, etc. It's also an utterly discusting piece of equipment.

Run: 7 miles

After my legs and back workout on Thursday, the dreaded second day hurt was awful, so much that I am feeling the pain today!  Still, I managed to get in 4 miles of feeling like my butt had been transformed into a kettlebell itself and my hamstrings a punching bag for Dan Hardy (my favorite MMA chap). My legs are weak. Note taken. I felt good today, other than the fact that it was hot and insanely dry. And when I say dry, that means your sweat evaporates so fast it's never actually there. Nope, probably not going to stop whining about that.
What's your favorite workout accessory?


  1. I'm still trying to figure out how to carry water, keys, phone, chapstick without a belt, backpack, or hand hook. An accessory for that with feeling like I'm carrying it all would be nice. You gave me the motivation I needed today. I was feeling lazy and didn't want to run. But saw your post and had to get moving my self. Thanks for the push. If it's getting too hot- you should come here and run:)

  2. Thanks for the Fizz electrolyte recommendation! I got the Grapefruit as you suggested and it's pretty tasty. Sipping a little each mile is a great tool for endurance. I got the handheld 10 ounce Fuel Belt bottle. It has a nice little zipper for chapstick and a key or two. My phone is on my arm in a crappy, torn case for now. I'll use it until it falls out and I'm mad at myself for not getting a nice waterproof non-plastic one.