Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shamrock 10 Recap & Birthday Fun

Run: 5 miserable miles

Well, I made it through my very first official 10k along side my accomplice the whole way. While it was a little bottle necked for the first couple of miles, we got into a dodge and weave groove. We managed to up our mile splits by a minute throughout, making the last mile my PR at 8:43. Not too bad for a bird who only started running only 3 months ago. Here's us looking fresh pre-race.

Coffee at this awesome little stand was first thing on the agenda post race. I couldn't help but to be a bit jealous of the simplicity of this place. When I first opened my little shop, the intent was that of something similar, but the demands of the area instigated more diversity.
Next up, a stroll through South Park and a turkey burger for lunch at this awesome (kid and dog friendly) place. Such a cool neighborhood reminicent of Portland. I finally got myself some great earrings that Nola can't yank out at this cute little shop. The owner is even working on developing her own magazine. What a dream to live here... Portland with a ton of sun!! YESSSSS

The evening was finished off with sushi (we were given exactly 60 minutes to enjoy our time by the reservationist) and the movie This is 40. So ridiculously funny, I think someone stole my diary and made a movie of it.

This brings me to my first run of the shining new age of 34 29. I woke early today to get the run in before it was 115 degrees outside (really 89, but hotter than 68 is miserable). I snuck out of the house at 6:45 to get in a solo, uninterrupted, stroller free run of 6-7 miles. But immediatly was hit with knee and hip achy pain. I pushed through to the longest 5 miles on the planet to still have achy knees tonight. I know my water intake has not been nearly enough and I have neglected strengthening simply because I'm lazy. Other than focusing on these things, do you have any tips/advice for me?


  1. What a great race. We pushed hard and finished well. Hope you had a great Birthday weekend.

  2. It was a perfect birthday weekend and really fun running with you the whole race. It was exciting to run faster and faster the last few miles! Great energy and awesome times!